It is a form of learning where learners participate in the learning process at different times.

In the blended learning approach, the advantages of online and face-to-face learning environments are combined and the disadvantages of these environments are reduced. Face-to-face and online learning applications can be carried out at different rates according to the characteristics of the course.

Any content (web page, website, e-book, video, digital audio, video games, computer programs, etc.) encoded in a machine-readable manner and in the form of digital data is called digital content. Digital content may be created, displayed, distributed, modified or stored using digital technologies.

It is an education model in which the learner can access educational resources and content, synchronously or asynchronously, with rich communication technologies as well as printed learning materials, without time and place limitations.

It is a form of learning in which learners are far from each other and learning resources in the context of time or space.

It is a physically non-printed book that can be read via an electronic device (computer, e-book reader, tablet, etc.).

It is the execution of the evaluation process using electronic media and tools.

It is the execution of teaching activities synchronously or asynchronously in electronic media.

Education, in general, is the process of developing behavior change in the desired direction through experiences in the behavior of the individual.

It is an educational approach where students who do not have the opportunity to participate in learning activities face-to-face participate online and other students participate face-to-face. In the blended learning approach, online and face-to-face learners can be the same individuals, while in the hybrid learning approach, they can be different individuals.

It is when the student somehow communicates with other components (content, student, instructor, interface, etc.) in the learning environment and receives feedback.

It is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data (forum participation, assignments, tests, live class participation, access to resources, etc.) related to the characteristics and performance of students in order to understand learning and the environments in which learning takes place and to use these environments with high performance.

It is a web-based environment that facilitates the management, documentation and reporting of an online distance education system, and facilitates various activities such as publishing course content, conducting measurement-evaluation activities, and providing communication between instructors and students. For example; uses the onlineDEU Sakai learning management system.

They are online courses that anyone can access without any conditions or participation restrictions. Coursera, EdX, Udemy and Khan Academy are some of the platforms that provide this service.

It is defined as the ability of learners to achieve learning goals with LMS and virtual classrooms, synchronously or asynchronously, regardless of time and place. Online learning uses the internet and the Web.

Groups of people who interact with communication facilities based on computer networks and share a particular interest, need, goal or idea.

They are digital materials used for reuse and reorganization in the teaching, research and learning process. These materials are provided through open licenses (Creative Commons licenses).

It is a learning management system developed as open source code.

It is a program that regularly and clearly shows the outline and summary of the topics (subject, course instructor, course day and time, method/techniques, etc.) to be covered in a particular education or training course (course).

It is a form of learning where learners also participate in learning activities or access educational resources and content.

It is the process of reorganizing learning situations to achieve determined learning goals. It is a planned form of education.

It is an online learning environment that enables live lessons by enabling the simultaneous communication and interaction of instructors and students. For example; onlineDEU uses the BigBlueButton live lesson tool.

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