Dokuz Eylul University Distance Education Application and Research Center conducts R&D studies for other units and departments of our university, in addition to its support and practices in education. Our software and project support studies continue, especially in the Faculty of Medicine, DEU Hospital, and Faculty of Theology. It can also produce interactive course materials with robotic applications and Greenbox Studio services.

ILITAM Exams Automation

All procedures related to the exams and question bank of the Distance Education ILITAM program at the Faculty of Theology, the creation and printing of the exam booklet within the framework of the Application Principles of Open Education, the preparation and reading of the name-specific optical forms, and the delivery to the Faculty Members, the organization of the examination places and the appointment of the officials are carried out by us.

Faculty of Medicine / Question Bank

The question bank support service developed for the use of Faculty Members of our University has been provided since 2012. A total of 405 exams and a pool of approximately 30,000 questions were created in the question bank. The question bank has approximately 540 users. Exams are held in the computer laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine.

Faculty of Medicine / Online Exam Support

The online exam support service developed for the use of Faculty Members of our University has been provided since 2012. Theoretical exams of all the blocks in the Faculty of Medicine, Term 4 and 5, as well as the Departments belonging to the Medical Specialization group, are held online. About 56 exams are held online per year.

Virtual Museum Project

The aim of this project is to implement the virtual museum application, which enables museums to be visited online and presents the 360-degree viewing system to its users, for the Dokuz Eylül University museum located on the Dokuz Eylül University campus and to develop teaching practices in cooperation to include the virtual museum in the relevant course contents.

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