Our History


Dokuz Eylul University Distance Education Application and Research Center (DEUZEM) started its activities by being published in the Official Gazette within the scope of Dokuz Eylul University Distance Education Application and Research Center Regulation No. 27767 dated 26 November 2010.
DEUZEM was established with the aim of planning, executing and improving all distance education activities (associate degree, undergraduate completion, undergraduate, graduate, certificate programs, courses, in-company training courses, etc.) planned to be carried out within Dokuz Eylül University.
To ensure more effective and efficient execution of internet-based education activities carried out at the university, to conduct research, development and application studies related to distance education, to help institutions and organizations about distance education, to develop undergraduate, graduate and adult education on the internet and to support university courses with e-learning, to contribute to the adaptation of educational programs of public and private sector institutions and organizations to e-learning and to develop distance education systems in these sectors, to transfer our knowledge to relevant institutions and organizations, to make publications and to establish normal education and training activities to support it with internet based learning management system softwares.

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