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DEU Live Conferences Series – DEU Informs

Training Topic Guest Date
OnlineDEU Evaluation Tools DEUZEM 13 April 2023
Information on onlineDEU for Students DEUZEM 17 February 2023
Removal of Broken Canal Tools Dr. Berdan AYDIN 25 January 2023


Training Topic Guest Date
Basic Microsoft Word and Excel Training Dr. Emre KARAGÖZ 29 November 2022
Correspondence and Filing Procedures Ozan Öncel METİN 23 November 2022
Software Supported Time Management Training Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğkan TUĞLULAR 23 November 2022
Most Common Soft Tissue Lesions in the Mouth and Treatment Approaches Dr. Lecturer Cansu UZUN SAYLAN 23 November 2022
Ethics and Deontology in Dentistry Dr. Pınar GÜVENÇ 9 November 2022
Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment Adventure from Infancy to Adulthood Dr. Serap TİTİZ YURDAKAL 26 October 2022
Information about onlineDEU for newly enrolled students Dr. Lecturer L. Özge GÜNEY 3 October 2022
HTML Form Elements Lecturer Dr. Emre KARAGÖZ 2 August 2022
Bad breath (Halitosis) Dr. Lecturer Cansu UZUN SAYLAN 20 July 2022
2: Clustering Algorithms in Machine Learning Lecturer Deniz ERASLAN 29 June 2022
History of Dentistry from Past to Present Lecturer Dr. Pınar GÜVENÇ 8 June 2022
Impacted Teeth Lecturer Dr. Anıl ÖZYURT 1 June 2022
1: What is Machine Learning and for what purposes is it used? Lecturer Deniz ERASLAN 1 June 2022
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) Prof. Dr. Hülya ERTEN 18 May 2022
Web page Design with Google Site Lecturer Dr. Emre KARAGÖZ 28 April 2022
Dental Care in Infants and Children Dr. Dt. Saime Esin GÜNEY 20 April 2022
Visualization of Numerical Data in Excel Documents with Python Lecturer Deniz ERASLAN 24 February 2022
Open Licenses and Royalty-Free/Free Image Usage Digital Literacy Development Trainings 24 February 2022
WordPress Digital Literacy Development Trainings 22 February 2022
Electronic Book Creation (FlipHTLM5) Digital Literacy Development Trainings 21 February 2022
Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Pix4Dcapture Digital Literacy Development Trainings 15 February 2022
File Extensions Digital Literacy Development Trainings 14 February 2022
Audacity Digital Literacy Development Trainings 14 February 2022
CANVA Digital Literacy Development Trainings 11 February 2022
Presentation Enrichment Add-ons Digital Literacy Development Trainings 10 February 2022
Online Practical Tools Digital Literacy Development Trainings 8 February 2022
Video Based Course Content Preparation (with DaVinci Resolve) Digital Literacy Development Trainings 2 February 2022
Screen Recording and Video Editing (with Camtasia) Digital Literacy Development Trainings 2 February 2022
OnlineDEU Information Training Dr. Lecturer L. Özge GÜNEY 18 February 2022
Reminders and Innovations in onlineDEU Dr. Lecturer L. Özge GÜNEY 17 February 2022
Dental Implants and Dental Implant Materials Lecturer Dr. Anıl ÖZYURT 02 February 2022
Digital Literacy Training-3 DEUZEM 28 January 2022
Digital Literacy Training-2 DEUZEM 26 January 2022
Digital Literacy Training-1 DEUZEM 24 January 2022
Management of Soft Tissues in Implantology Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman BOZKAYA 19 January 2022
Reporting in Dental Radiology Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melih ÖZDEDE 12 January 2022


Training Topic Guest Date
Digital Literacy Training (onlineDEU Coordinators) DEUZEM 1 December 2021
Non-carious Tooth Abrasions Lecturer Dr. Pınar GÜVENÇ 8 December 2021
Preventive Applications in Dentistry: Fissure Sealants Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülçin BULUT 1 December 2021
General Anesthesia Applications in Oral and Dental Health Prof.Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU 3 November 2021
BEF Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program – Guidelines for Distance Education Courses Dr. Lecturer L. Özge GÜNEY 28 October 2021
Finding Canals in Molar Teeth (Cheektooth) Lecturer Dr. Berdan AYDIN 27 October 2021
Blood Products Richer than Platelets from Past to Present Dr. Lecturer Bilge Cansu UZUN SAYLAN 13 October 2021
Problems Encountered in Patients with Prosthesis Lecturer Dr. Melih ÜLGEY 29 September 2021
Welcome to OnlineDEU Dr. Lecturer L. Özge GÜNEY 28 September 2021
Fluorine Use and Benefits in Children Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülser KILINÇ 22 September 2021
Radiologic Evaluation in Cases Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eda Didem YALÇIN 16 September 2021
Sinus Lifting in Dental Implantology Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman BOZKAYA 8 September 2021
Geriatric Endodontics Lecturer Dr. Berdan AYDIN 25 August 2021
Endodontic Treatment Approaches in Teeth with Open Apex Assoc. Prof. Hakan GÖKTÜRK 11 August 2021
Patient-Physician Communication Prof.Dr. Hülya ERTEN CAN 14 July 2021
Evidence-Based Dentistry Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliye AKCALI 7 July 2021
Impacted Teeth Prof. Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU 23 June 2021
Recommendations for Our Patients in Jaw Joint Discomfort Prof. Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU 16 June 2021
Teeth Whitening Methods Prof. Dr. Hülya ERTEN 9 June 2021
Patient Satisfaction in Dentistry Prof.Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU 2 June 2021
Technology Addiction Awareness Training Specialized Psychologist Feyzanur KOÇYİĞİT 6 May 2021
Oral and Dental Health in Babies and Children Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buğra ÖZEN – DEU Faculty of Dentistry 28 April 2021
What are the Considerations in Choosing a Teacher in Private Schools? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güzin ÖZYILMAZ – Moderator
Tuğba AYDIN – Director of Sevgi Durağı Kindergarten
Müjde OĞUZ – DEU Private 75. yilPrimary School Principal
Tufan ÇAPAR – Işıkkent Education Campus High School Principal
Zerrin ALTUNKAYA SAYGILI – Bahçeşehir College Güzelbahçe Campus Manager
27 April 2021
Occurrence of Tooth Decay and Prevention Methods Prof.Dr. Hülya Erten CAN 21 April 2021
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Applications in Dentistry Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eda Didem YALÇIN 14 April 2021
The Role of Photodynamic Therapy in Endodontics Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakan GÖKTÜRK 24 March 2021
Introducing the Program Self-Assessment Process at our University Prof.Dr. İlgi KARAPINAR 17 March 2021
Course Evaluation Using Learning Analytics Dr. Devrim ÖZDEMİR 16 March 2021
Interaction and Student Motivation in Live Lessons Prof.Dr. Serçin KARATAŞ 15 March 2021
Rights and Wrongs in the Use of Learning Management System Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 12 March 2021
Gaming and Gamification in Hybrid Learning (Play, Games and Gamification in Hybrid Learning) Prof. Dr. Sylvester ARNAB 11 March 2021
Learning to Learn, Self-Regulated Learning and Higher Education
(Learning to Learn, Self-regulated Learning and Higher Education)
Dr. Canan BLAKE 10 March 2021
Shell Technique in Alveolar Crest Augmentation Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman BOZKAYA 10 March 2021
Effective Course Design in Distance Education Prof.Dr. Arif ALTUN 9 March 2021
Spring Training of Instructors – Opening Remarks Rector of DEU Prof. Dr. Nükhet HOTAR 9 March 2021
Implants in Periodontitis Patients Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aliye AKCALI 24 February 2021
Introduction of Turkey's First National Flag Museum Lecturer. Ömer DURMAZ 18 February 2021
Exercising at Home without Equipment Research Assistant Dr. Merve KOCA KOSOVA 11 February 2021
Diagnosis in TMJ Disorders Prof.Dr. Candan EFEOĞLU 10 February 2021
Developments in Digital Film and Photo Production Techniques Lecturer. Aziz Bahadır ÖZKAN 9 February 2021
Origami Folding Prof.Dr. Tutku Didem ALTUN 4 February 2021


Training Topic Guest Date
Effective Presentation Techniques Prof.Dr. Işıl KABAKÇI YURDAKUL 26 November 2020
Developing a Culture of Institutional Academic Integrity Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salim RAZI 25 November 2020
Design Tips for Effective Presentation Prof.Dr. Işıl KABAKÇI YURDAKUL 24 November 2020
I didn't know this was plagiarism! Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salim RAZI 23 November 2020
Assessment and Evaluation in onlineDEU Lecturer Dr. L.Özge GÜNEY 19 November 2020
onlineDEU Overview Lecturer Dr. L.Özge GÜNEY 18 November 2020
Process Approach and PDCA Cycle in Quality Improvement Prof.Dr. Cenk ÖZLER, Prof.Dr. İlgi KARAPINAR, Assoc.Dr. Güzin ÖZDAĞOĞLU 15 October 2020
Pandemic and Innovation Prof.Dr. Ömür Yaşar SAATÇIOĞLU 9 October 2020
Measurement and Evaluation in Distance Education Prof. Dr. Bahar BARAN, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Berna CANTÜRK GÜNHAN, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 30 September 2020
Postgraduate Study Abroad Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melike Yiğit KOYUNKAYA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zekiye ÖZGÜR 25 September 2020
onlineDEU Coordinators’ Meeting Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY, Ahmet Volkan ERGÜL 24 September 2020
“ZEKİ MÜREN THE SHINING STAR” on the 24th Anniversary of his Death 23 September 2020
Technology integration in education Dr.Lecturer Ayten ERDURAN 17 September 2020
Education with fairy tales, our cultural heritage Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevin AKKAYA 15 September 2020
Training of Instructors Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Prof.Dr.İlgi KARAPINAR, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 15 September 2020
Formation of algebraic thinking and generalization Prof. Dr. Sibel YEŞİLDERE İMRE 10 September 2020
Training of Instructors Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Prof.Dr.İlgi KARAPINAR, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 10 September 2020
Training of Instructors Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Prof.Dr.İlgi KARAPINAR, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 8 September 2020
Processual drama practices in education Assoc. Prof. Dr. Banu ÇULHA ÖZBAŞ 3 September 2020
Training of Instructors Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Prof.Dr.İlgi KARAPINAR, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 3 September 2020
The process of academic writing Assoc. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Seçkin AYDIN 2 September 2020
Graduate education at the Institute of Educational Sciences Prof.Dr. Esra BUKOVA GÜZEL 1 September 2020
Training of Instructors Prof.Dr.Bahar BARAN, Prof.Dr.İlgi KARAPINAR, Dr.Lecturer Salih Zafer DİCLE, Lecturer Dr. L. Özge GÜNEY 1 September 2020
Communication in the digital world Assoc. Prof. Dr. Engin Deniz ERİŞ 10 July 2020
I have an idea, can I turn it into a TÜBİTAK supported project? Prof.Dr.Ercan AKPINAR – Buca Faculty of Education 1 June 2020, Monday 15:30
World trade wars after the days of Corona Prof. Dr. Berna KIRKULAK – Faculty of Business Administration 29 May 2020, Friday 15:30
What the elderly should pay attention to when staying at home Geriatric Physiotherapy Department Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nursen İLÇİN – School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 22 May 2020, Friday 15:30
Stress management, what it is/not? How should we deal with it? Prof.Dr. Gürkan ERSOY – DEU Department of Emergency Medicine Lecturer. 21 May 2020, Thursday
World trade wars after the days of Corona Prof. Dr. Berna KIRKULAK ULUDAĞ – DEU FACULTY OF BUSINESS 20 May 2020, Wednesday
Empowering Executive Nurses during COVID 19 Prof. Dr. Şeyda SEREN INTEPELER – Faculty of Nursing 15 May 2020, Friday 15:30
Services for Children in Need of Protection and Foster Family Practice İzmir Provincial Director of Family, Labor and Social Services Nesim TANĞLAY 15 May 2020, Friday 11:00
Activity-Based Approach in Planning Daily Life Skills of Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alev Girli 14 May 2020, Thursday 11:00
Detailed Information on Corona Virus and Other Viruses Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ender DİNÇER – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Virology 13 May 2020, Wednesday 15:30
Physical Activity in Orthopedically Disabled People Prof.Dr. Arzu GENÇ 13 May 2020, Wednesday 11:00
What is Known and Unknown in Society about motor speech disorders Prof.Dr. Gülmira KURUOĞLU 12 May 2020, Tuesday 13:00
Will the pandemic be able to change the way we live and travel? Prof.Dr.Metin KOZAK – Reha Midilli Foça Tourism Faculty 11 May 2020, Monday 15:30
How to Support Independent Movement and Orientation Skills in Young Children with Visual Impairment? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Dolunay SARICA 11 May 2020, Monday 11:00
Datete Pandemics from a Bioethics Perspective Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemal Hüseyin GÜVERCİN – Faculty of Medicine 8 May 2020, Friday 15:30
Exponential increase, Covid-19 and Social Distancing Prof.Dr. Aylin ALIN – Faculty of Science 6 May 2020, Wednesday 15:30
Pandemic and Hygiene Prof. Dr. Lecturer. Assist. Gözde TÜRKÖZ BAKIRCI – DEU Seferihisar Fevziye Hepkon University of Applied Sciences Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 4 May 2020, Monday 15:30
Social Security Rights of Workers Exposed to the Corona Virus Prof. Dr. M. Refik Korkusuz – Dean, Faculty of Law 30 April 2020, Thursday 15:30
Disasters and Society Prof. Dr. Özlem Çakır, Prof. Dr. Zerrin Toprak Karaman – Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences 29 April 2020, Wednesday 15:30
Parliament and National Sovereignty (TBMM) in its centenary year 22 April 2020
Current instructional technologies in digital transformation 12 March 2020
2019 New Coronavirus: Current developments 12 March 2020
Turkey and earthquakes 26 February 2020
Competencies required in the digital age, digital transformation and technology leadership 19 February 2020
Coronavirus: Knowns and unknowns 07 February 2020

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