2-Week Courses
18th of June - 29th of June
Courses, accommodation, breakfast & lunches, two dinners, visits to companies or sociological tour of the city, sightseeing tours to ancient sites and sea resort towns and airport transfers are included
2 sightseeing excursions on the weekend are included
2 visits either to companies or a sociological sightseeing tour of the city
5 ECTS for one course, a certificate & Transcript
Make new international friends
Explore Turkey
Enjoy Turkish cuisine, Sea, Sun and Sand.
Explore History (Helen, Roman and Ottoman History)
Amount of Payment: 700 EURO
Account Name: Müge Aknur
Account Number: 3388-0063009
IBAN: TR24 0006 4000 0023 3880 0630 09
Study politics or economics at a well-established Faculty of Business in Turkey
Choose from three various courses on Turkish politics, foreign policy or economics
Meet students from all over the world


International Summer School does not only aim to develop academic skills of the students, it also intends to improve the students’ knowledge on Turkish culture, cultural heritage, business life by organizing company visits, sociological tours of the city and excursions.

Visits to Companies or Making Sociological Sightseeing Tours
These visits will be made either to companies for students studying economics or will be conducted as a sociological sightseeing tour of the city for students studying politics. The students will visit a company to have an idea about Turkish economy as well as Turkish business or visit different parts of the city to observe the social transformation of the country that had been experienced since the 1950s.

Weekend Excursions:
There are several Greco-Roman ancient sites near Izmir. Depending on the interests of the students this sightseeing tour will take place either to Ephesus or Pergamon or Priene/Didyma. These beautifully preserved Greco-Roman sights will give the students an idea about Anatolian and Greek culture. There are several sea resort towns around Izmir. This visit will be made either to Cesme or Foca or Seferihisar depending on the interest of the students—whether they would like to swim, enjoy sunbathing on a beach or visit a village market in which farmers sell fresh vegetables and fruits grown in their own farms.

International Students Party:
The International Summer School is not only about learning Turkish culture, but also about learning other students’ culture. In International Students Party students by making slide shows and/or giving concerts and/or singing songs and/or cooking meals from their native cuisine will introduce their own culture to each other. We highly recommend international students to bring brochures, leaflets of their home country, as well as local products to present and treat their colleagues.

Important & Practical Suggestions:
Clothing: İzmir has hot summers. The temperature in June during day time is around 30 degrees. Please bring light clothes such as shorts or light pants and t-shirts with you. Make sure to bring your swimming suit and sun cream.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be served during the summer school. İzmir kitchen is very Mediterranean and if you are vegetarian or must follow any special diet please let us know in advance.

Health Insurance: Students must obtain fully covered health insurance prior their departure from their home country.

Attendance: Students have to receive at least 60 out of 100 / (DD) in order to pass the course they take in the international summer school. Students also have to attend 80 % of the courses.